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  1. 01 Call us and request the Emergency Road Service.Call us at 02-3479-3030 and press # 1
  2. 02 Explain your current location and situation.
  3. 03 AXA Direct will start dispatching the staff.
  4. 04 Emergency Road Service staff will arrive to handle the problem.
  5. 05 Types of emergency dispatch services.
    Emergency towing service

    If you cannot drive your car because of an accident or mechanical failure, AXA Direct will tow your car to wherever you want within 10km radius of the place where the problem occurred (50km for expanded type).
    Please note that for distances greater than 10km (50km for expanded type), the insured must pay for towing expenses.
    In addition, the service cannot be provided in case the provision of service is limited due to the cargo loaded on the car.

    Emergency fueling service

    If your car runs out of fuel, AXA Direct will provide you with 3L of gasoline or 3L of diesel oil (5L of gasoline or 5L of diesel oil for expanded type).
    Please note that cars running on LPG are excluded from the scope of service provision. However, upon request, AXA Direct can tow your car to the nearest gas station based on the conditions of emergency towing service.

    Battery charging service

    If you cannot drive your car because the battery is discharged, AXA Direct will provide battery charging service.
    Please note that you must purchase a new battery if it needs to be replaced.

    Tire replacement service

    If you cannot drive your car because of a flat tire, AXA Direct will replace it with your spare tire.
    Please note that you must pay for the actual expense if the tire is repaired upon your request, or there is no spare tire at your disposal, but there is need for replacement.

    Door unlock service

    If the car doors are locked with the key inside, AXA Direct will unlock the doors for you.
    Please note that imported cars, cars that cannot be unlocked by general means, and trunks are excluded from the scope of service provision.

    Emergency rescue service

    If you need to be rescued because you strayed off the road or face an obstacle, AXA Direct will provide emergency rescue service.
    Please note that if additional rescue equipment (e.g. a crane, two or more rescue cars) is required, you must pay for the actual expense.

    Flat tire repair service (Applied to the policies with the inception date of November 5, 2015, and thereafter)

    In case damage occurs to the area that directly contacts the road, the flat tire repair service will be provided. However, the service will be provided to a single damage. In case there are more than two damaged parts, you need to pay for the actual expense incurred by the repair of the extra damage.
    However, in case it is difficult to provide the service considering the characteristic of the insured vehicle, surrounding environment, etc., either 'Emergency towing service' or 'Spare tire replacement service' will be provided instead.

  1. 01 First, stop your car.
  2. 02 Give aid to the injured first.
  3. 03 Take the appropriate
    traffic safety measures.
  4. 04 Secure damage and
    circumstantial evidence.
  5. 05 Take any necessary
    emergency measures, and
    report to a police station
    if necessary.
  6. 06 Report the accident
    to AXA Direct.
01 Notify AXA Direct of the accident.
(Accident report)
- Call center (02-3479-3030 Ext. 2).
02 Take required actions.
- Make medical expense payment guarantee and submit documents to the police, if necessary
03 AXA Direct will assign a claims
manager to your case.
- We will inform you of the Claims
Manager’s name, and contact information
04 AXA Direct will carry out an
investigation of the accident and
- The claims manager will visit the accident scene
and police station and carry out the investigation
through meeting with the victim(s), etc.
05 AXA Direct will confirm the victim(s)
and the damaged property.
- The claims manager will confirm the treatment
progress of the victim, status of the damaged
property, repair progress, etc.
06 AXA Direct will make the insurance
- Based on confirmed facts, the claims manager
will decide the amount of damages and make
the payment
07 Now, the claims handling process is